Tabugbo Uzoma is a seasoned preacher, author and teacher. He is a motivator who delights in admonishing whosoever comes to him. He has authored so many books including a daily devotional – My Daily Covenant with God. He has brought his vast experience to bear in this site as a marriage counselor. His book, My Rise to Legendary Status – The Concept of GRIP is a classic that will help you to discover and occupy your place in destiny. It will also help those who desire to turn darkness to light, death to life, poverty to riches, pain to gain, weakness to strength and servitude to freedom. If you are hungry and thirsty for greater reality of living above the spirit of mediocrity, then get a copy. He has also brought his experience as a preacher to bear here especially in his meditations and devotionals.

There are other varieties in this site that will add spice to your day and make it a memorable one. You will never regret the time you spent coming to this sight.

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