Devotion for Wednesday January 31, 2018
Topic: The Example From Matthew
Text: Matthew 9:9 – 13
Yesterday, we read about the terms and conditions Jesus Christ gave to those who would be His disciples. Today, we have an example from Matthew who became one of the Apostles of Jesus Christ. Matthew was in a tax office when Jesus met him. He requested that Matthew should follow Him and immediately he left everything and followed Jesus. He didn’t wait to write a resignation letter. He didn’t wait to hand over, he left everything immediately as Peter and his fishermen colleagues did and followed Jesus. In the previous chapter of this gospel, Matthew 8:18 – 22, we have the story of a man desiring to follow Jesus. When Jesus mentioned the terms and conditions, he withdrew. Jesus told the second one to follow him and he gave excuses of going to bury his father. The two men were opposite of what we saw in Matthew. His action shows his love for God is far greater than his love for his job, family or any other worldly possessions. This is what God expects from us. Our love for Him must be greater that our love for our jobs, families or any other worldly possessions. Are you willing to follow Jesus Christ the way Peter, Matthew and other Apostles followed Him? What are the things hindering your commitments to God? The example Matthew gave to us is a challenging one. Take up that challenge and prove your love for God. Sing A&M 331; Abu 109
Food for Thought: Have you left all to follow Jesus?
Memory verse: Matthew 9:9
Prayer: Grant me the grace, O Lord my God, to follow the example of Matthew in forsaking all to follow you in Jesus name. Amen.

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