ABOUT FIRST FRUIT HARVEST: Devotion for Sunday September 4, 2016

ABOUT FIRST FRUIT HARVEST: Devotion for Sunday September 4, 2016

First Fruit, Harvest, Israelis, God, Blessings, Honour, Obedience, Daily Covenant, Tabugbo Uzoma,

Text: Deuteronomy 26:1 – 11    Memory verse: Deuteronomy 26:2

First fruit harvest is an injunction from God who ordered the Israelis to do it and by extension we the new Israel. God gave His people the injunction to present their first fruit of all their produce to Him (Deut. 26:2). From out text, it was obvious that this injunction from God to the Israelis is in order not to forget the source of their blessings. It is a way of showing gratitude to God from who all our blessings comes from. This injunction is from the covenant God made with Israel (Ex. 34:26, 27).

In Deut. 26:2–11 is the instructions on how to carry out our first fruit harvest. We are expected to pick some of all produce of our land, put them in a basket and take them to the church and offer them to the Lord. The Priest will receive them from our hands and bless us. It should not be taken to any other place.

There are lessons for us in this our scriptural reading for today. They are (a) God is the source of all we have and all we are. Our successes are not out of our strength, our business acumen, our intelligence, etc. If it were so, there wouldn’t have been poor people because majority of the poor in our society today labour for almost 24 hour of every day in the week. If not God’s grace and favour, what can we achieve? He blesses our little effort and turns it to become a mighty blessing. Yesterday’s devotion attests to this.

(b) It is a sign of regard, honour for and obedience to God (Prov. 3:9). When we set aside our first fruit as God demands from us, we are honouring God and He in turn will honour us (1 Sam. 2:30).

(c) It teaches us that we have responsibilities towards God. It makes us responsible to God who made us, gave us those blessings and to the less privileged ones; the strangers, the priests, the widows, etc, that we have around us. It is also a way of sowing seeds for a better and a greater harvest. How are you doing these? Let it be with a cheerful heart and not grudgingly because God loves a cheerful giver. Happy first fruit harvest to those celebrating today!

Food for Thought: Proverbs 3:9

Prayer: My Lord and my Father, may I always honour you with my substances because they all come from you in Jesus name.

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