OPPORTUNITY TO TESTIFY: Devotion for Tuesday September 6, 2016

OPPORTUNITY TO TESTIFY: Devotion for Tuesday September 6, 2016

Text: Luke 21:10 – 13                 Memory verse: Luke 21:13   

Opportunity, Testify, Devotion, Persecution, Paul, Disciples, Silas, Apostles, Jailer, Gospel, Preach, Tabugbo Uzoma, Daily, Covenant,

Jesus spoke about the persecution that will come upon the church in Luke 21:12 which they should use as opportunity to testify Luke 21:13. Not long after this admonition, the persecution started as Luke recorded in Acts of the Apostles. We have instances of Paul writing from the prison that he suffered gladly because it helped him to know Christ better and do His work (Philippians 3:10, Colossians 1:24 compare Philippians 1:12–14). Their suffering led to the furtherance of the gospel, a testimony. It was Tertullian, one of the early church fathers in late 2nd century, wrote, “The blood of Christians is seed of the gospel.” The persecutions suffered by the Apostles and early disciples became an added advantage to the spreading of the gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Paul and Silas while in prison used the occasion to preach the gospel, which led to the repentance of the Jailer and his family. Beloved, how do you react to what you are suffering for the sake of the gospel? Do you use that problem as a stepping-stone to draw closer to God and witness of His love to others? That problem, trial, or temptation will lead to a testimony in Jesus name. Those who think they want to punish you by redeploying you or by that transfer will see you testifying because it will be a blessing. Persevere and maintain the faith and at last, God will prove Himself to you.

Food for Thought: Something good can come out of that problem you are going through now depending on your perspective.  

Prayer: God, turn the problem confronting me into a testimony in Jesus name.

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