A MANIFESTO NIGHT: Devotion for Wednesday September 7, 2016

A MANIFESTO NIGHT: Devotion for Wednesday September 7, 2016

Text: Luke 4:18 and 19       Memory verse: Luke 4:18

In the higher institutions, there is a night called Manifesto Night. It is the night when candidates intending to contest election into Student Union Government offices present their manifesto to fellow students. I can still remember how I did it when I was in ordination training. My speech was borrowed by my successor because of the content. It was indeed thrilling. Many students look forward to such nights and it affords them the opportunity to make public speeches and presentations. It is usually a learning ground for those who aspire to hold public offices in future.

Our text is termed Jesus’ public presentation of His manifesto. A comprehensive look at the text, will make us to appreciate the magnitude of God’s love for us (Ephesians 3:17–19). Everything in this manifesto as presented by Jesus Christ had the interest of man at the centre. He did not come to be crowned a king. Even when people wanted to do it by force, He withdrew.  His agenda was not to acquire empire, wealth or material things of this world. Rather His manifesto was based on liberation and freedom of man.

During campaigns into some offices like spiritual, traditional or political, people make so many promises. The present manifestos that can move people easily to accept them. On the other hand, many aspire for positions just for selfish reasons. It is pertinent to ask this question to those aspiring to be in different office. What is your agenda/manifesto for contesting to be a bishop, a Local Government Chairman, Governor, President or whatever position you are aspiring for? Are you aspiring for the good of the people or for selfish interest?

Jesus quoted this text from Isaiah 61:1 & 2a. Have you ever imagined why Jesus stopped at Isaiah 61:2a? His first coming wasn’t for vengeance but for redemption. Vengeance will be later. This is the era of God’s favour; the era of grace, mercies and call to repentance. Jesus came to give us the Good News that our sins have been forgiven, to heal us, deliver us from oppression, etc. Have you benefited of these? If not repent now because the day of vengeance is coming (Isaiah 61:2b).

Food for Thought: Are you a beneficiary of what Jesus has offered mankind?  

Prayer: Grant me the heart to appreciate your love, O Lord so that I will benefit from all that you have offered mankind.

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