PERHAPS GOD PERMITTED IT: Devotion for Thursday September 15, 2016

PERHAPS GOD PERMITTED IT: Devotion for Thursday September 15, 2016

Text: Job 1:8 – 12     Memory verse: Job 1: 12

Our bible reading for the day is the record of the conversation between God and Satan. Satan wanted God to withdraw His favours in the life of Job. This is an eye opener of what the enemies can do to frustrate our relationship with God. We should not discredit God when we are going through the problems of life because Satan might have caused it. From that conversation between God and Satan, here are some lessons for us about the craftiness and subtle nature of Satan who is our adversary and accuser.

(1) He is answerable to God. The conversation shows that all angelic beings; good and evil, are compelled to present themselves before God (1:6). They come before God to account for their deed. But for Satan who is rebellious and moves about looking for who to devour, it was opportunity for him to target Job. We learn here that God knew Satan was intent on attacking Job.

(2) He is not omnipresence in nature. He can only be at one place at a time (1:6, 7). Though his demons assist him in his work against man, he is handicapped because he is a created being. He is limited.

(3) Satan cannot see our future (1:9 – 11). If he could, he would have known that Job would not break under pressure. This is obvious because he is created by God and thus can never be equal with or greater than God.

(4) Satan cannot do anything against us without God’s permission (1:12). This shows that Christians can overcome his attacks through the power of God.

(5) Another lesson for us in that conversation is that God puts limitations on what Satan can do (1:12; 2:6). He is not permitted to do some things. From this conversation, it is obvious that Satan is (1:7) is real and active on earth. This knowledge about Satan and his limitations should cause us to remain close to the Almighty God who is greater than Satan. This conversation teaches us that some of the things we pass through in life may have been permitted by God. What are you suffering now? Is it sickness, lack of different kinds, business collapsing, retrenchment, death of a benefactor, etc? Maybe God permitted it. Why not seek His face because He has answers to our problems. He will surely give you an answer (Jeremiah 33:3).

Food for Thought: There are limitations on what Satan can do.

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to endure every trial that you permit to come my way because it will lead to better things for me at the end.

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