MOURNING TURNED INTO DANCING: Devotion for Monday September 19, 2016

MOURNING TURNED INTO DANCING: Devotion for Monday September 19, 2016                       

Text: Psalm 30:6 – 12                    Memory verse: Psalm 30:11

Yesterday, our food for thought was Isaiah 54:7 and 8. There, God was saying that in His wrath, He turns His face against us but with everlasting kindness He shows mercy to us. When God turned His face against us the result will be mourning but when He shows us His everlasting kindness, it will result into dancing. This was the case of the Psalmist here. This is similar to so many of us who had gone through the curves and problems of life. I am one of them as I have experienced God’s favour especially on this particular date when I went under the knives of doctors for a second kidney transplant operation. On a day like this when I remember the ordeals I passed through, I sing and dance unto the Lord God. The reason God brings us out of trouble so we can praise Him.

David’s prosperity had led him into a state of false security but God sent him this affliction to wake him from it. In our text, we can see his frame of mind clearly shown here. 1. His carnal security. 2. His spiritual negligence. 3. His fervent prayers. 4. His speedy recovery. 5. His grateful acknowledgments. The carnal security and spiritual negligence are common within the ranks of the rich and well to do. When God, in His mercies rouses them from such state, they will begin to seek God in prayer.

The false security David had built around himself made him feel invincible. Although he knew that his riches and power had come from God, they had gone to his head, making him proud. This can happen to any person if such fails to control his or her riches. There are dangers in wealth, power, and fame because of their intoxicating effect on people. It can make us to fell we are making them feel self-dependent, self-secure, and independent of God. But this false security can easily be shattered and they will be left dazed in the aftermath of self destruction. May that not be our portion in Jesus name. Don’t be trapped by the false security of wealth and riches. Depend on God for your security, and you won’t be shaken when worldly possessions disappear.

Food for Thought: Isaiah 61:3

Prayer: Lord, may your blessings not lull me into feeling independent of you.

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