AN EXCUSE TO ATTACK: Devotion for Wednesday September 21, 2016

AN EXCUSE TO ATTACK: Devotion for Wednesday September 21, 2016

Text: Job 2:1 – 6               Memory verse: Job 2 verse 4

Despite the calamities that befell Job in Job chapter one, he still persevered in yielding unreserved and faithful obedience to God. That is what sincere Christianity is all about. A true is never disheartened and discouraged by trials and temptations. Rather he uses the opportunity to draw closer to God and to draw from Him more grace and mercies.

True Christianity has been proved a thousand times to be genuine among so many Christians, yet Satan and his agents still insist that it is all hypocrisy and selfishness. This was how they also accused us in my village of playing hypocrisy and falsehood in our Evangelical Fellowship in Anglican Communion (EFAC). They claimed that we wanted to secede and to build a church for ourselves.

To show and prove that these are all but falsehood, God sometimes allows Satan to attack us with calamities, while He sustains us with His grace. The essence of this is to silence the objections of Satan and foolish men who take joy in ridiculing Christianity and our faith. Have you been challenged once? How did God confront them to silence them? Share your testimony if you are studying as a group.

Here, Satan here renews his accusation of selfishness against Job. He submitted that health was of greater importance to man than wealth and thus when Job’s health is at stake, he will deny God. . It is true he has lost his property and his children, but his person yet remains unharmed. For this reason, Satan came again insisting that should God touch his skin and health, he will renounce his allegiance to God, and blaspheme his name. Unfortunately he was also proven wrong.

Satan has one excuse/accusation or another why he attacks a child of God. These excuses are purely God’s blessings and talents in us. It may be your money/wealth, knowledge, beauty, position in office, your children, your health, etc. We should understand that when the blessings of God are upon us, it will always attract temptations and trials from Satan and his agents. We should not be deterred by the temptations of the devil to the extent that we curse God and deny Him. These trials and temptations are for some time. They will soon end. We should be resolute in our Christianity and faith when trials come our ways (James 1:12).

Food for Thought: Matthew 10:22

Prayer: God, as Satan and men envy your blessings upon my life and thus plan evil against me, may I not yield to their trials to turn against you.

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