STORMS OF LIFE: Devotion for Friday September 16, 2016

STORMS OF LIFE: Devotion for Friday September 16, 2016

Text: Job 1:13 – 19                Memory verse: Job 1 verse 19

Storm when used as a noun or verb is always in the negative. It means violent weather, outburst of feelings, attack vehemently, etc. From creation, Man had experienced all forms of storm of life. Because it is always in the negative, people use the term to express problems of life. These include sickness, death, frustration, abuse, effects of war, famine, lack, delayed conception, failure in examination, collapse of business, etc.

From the time of Adam through Abraham our father in faith, Job, Ruth, Hannah, Zachariah and Elizabeth down to the Apostles, Paul and to the present day Christians, we have records of people going through the storms of life. I have had my own share of storms of life. I captioned my own share of the storms of life, THE BATTLE FOR LIFE.

Here is a record of what came to Job in a single day. Go through verses 13 to 19 and count what he lost in a day. All his life time labours vanished instantly. He lost his children, possessions, houses, etc. It takes a real man of faith to bear this. Job endured this because he knew God he serves who could not suffer His children to pass through what they cannot bear. I know of a priest whose child died and he locked up the corpse at home and went to church. It was after service he informed his members about the death of his son.

Satan is the architect of all storms of life. God may allow them as trial of our faith. There are some things storms of life can do in our lives. It is either for or against us. It helps us to draw closer to God (Job 13:15) and it makes us to depend on Him. Storms of life can be against us because they can weaken our faith; making us doubt God, or distract us from the right track. What storms are you passing though? Know that it is part of what we will pass through in life. Therefore, pass through without losing your faith in God.

Food for Thought: There is no son of God without trials and there is no trial we overcome that does not have crown.

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to endure temptation because it will bring crown of life for me at the end in Jesus name (James 1:12).

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