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Here are some of the life lessons that have helped shaped my life. I have seen so many things in life and have passed through so many challenges. Below are some of the lessons I have learnt from life. It can be useful to somebody.

  1. A good or bad life is matter of choice. What you choose will definitely be what you will become.
  2. Whatever is your responsibility in an establishment or organisation, make sure you teach someone how to do it.
  3. Challenges of life are not meant to pull us down. If faced squarely, it will help to discover the best potentials of our lives. Therefore, embrace challenges to discover the potentials in you. No man has ever used half of his potentials in his life time.
  4. Nothing last forever. Therefore, do not die for anything or think that the position you occupy now is permanent.
  5. Always allow God to avenge or fight your battle. Doing it on your own may lead to overstepping your bounds and may incur the wrath of God as well.
  6. Life is too short. Therefore maximize every opportunity that comes your way to the fullest.
  7. Never regret what you could not do in life for that is in the past. Use your present to right the wrong of the past.
  8. Always be courageous enough to say ‘sorry’ or ‘you have hurt me’ instead of holding resentment.
  9. Always be yourself every moment of your life whether alone or in the public.
  10. Make good friends always and love people but take time to trust them. Allow them to prove their love or friendship to you as you prove your sincerity and commitment to them also.
  11. You can never become what you dream of in life when you consider what people say or will say about you in the process.
  12. Never forget that you are human. You can change, make mistake or disappoint others. Therefore do not try to exonerate yourself when people tell you how you treated them which they don’t like
  13. In life we need someone to hold the ladder for us to climb to any level we aspire. No man is an island indeed. The person may be your mentor, parents, benefactor, etc.
  14. To be a good leader, you must be a good listener
  15. Kindness and charity are the best virtue we can use to appreciate the mercies of God.
  16. Being a leader in any establishment or organisation doesn’t bestow on you the whole knowledge to make things work there. As a leader, you can learn from or get good suggestions from your subordinates.
  17. The group of people that come to you when you assume any position are the likely ones who will pull you down.
  18. You can only become a legend and hero of many people when you ignore your weakness and emphasises your strength.
  19. Don’t beg for respect. It can only be earned. Work towards it to earn it.
  20. You are the only one that can make things work for yourself. This is so because if no one appreciates your talent, use it well so they won’t ignore you for any reasons.

I sincerely wish to thank and appreciate my friends and fans. Through my relationship with them I have learnt some of these lessons. They have helped me a lot to shaping me into a respectable character that people can trust me. Keep encourage me. God bless you all.

Lots of love

From Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma

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