IT PAYS TO BE CHARITABLE (2): Devotion for Tuesday September 27, 2016

IT PAYS TO BE CHARITABLE (2): Devotion for Tuesday September 27, 2016

Text: 2 Samuel 19:31 – 39      Memory verse: 1 King 2:7

After David had installed Solomon as the King to take over from him, the words in 1 Kings 2:7 were part of his admonition to him. In that passage, he admonished or charged Solomon to show kindness to the sons of Barzillai the Gileadite, and let them be among those who will eat at your table. He went further to give reason for this advice. He noted that they came to him when h fled from Absalom his brother during his mutiny.

Barzillai was friendly and hospitable to David while he was fleeing from Absalom who wanted to kill him so as to ascend the throne easily and quickly. He and some others mentioned in 2 Sam 17:27–29, brought beds and basins, earthen vessels and wheat, barley and flour, parched grain and beans, lentils and parched seeds, honey and curds, sheep and cheese of the herd, for David and the people who were with him to eat. The bible stated that they gave reasons for bring those items when they said, “The people are hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness.” This act saved the life of David and the men with him who were desperately in need of food. This act of charity and love from Barzillai remained indelible in the heart of David that he remembered it at his deathbed.

Here, David asked Solomon to continue to provide them with what could be termed, a royal pension because of Barzillai’s act of charity and friendship. This shows that there is no act of hospitality and charity that has no reward. Yesterday we saw Dorcas, today we are reading about Barzillai. Will you be the one we will hear his/her story tomorrow? How much help do you render people in need? There were people who stood against David like Shemei, etc. Do act like them. It pays to be good, charitable and hospitable, and they all have their rewards now and in eternity. As you go out today, ensure you will extend charitable acts to someone.

Food for Thought: Being good and doing acts of charity pays to doer more than the receiver.

Prayer: Almighty God and our Father in heaven, grant me the passion to be good to people especially those in need through charitable deeds in Jesus name. Amen.

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