TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED: Devotion for Friday September 30, 2016

TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED: Devotion for Friday September 30, 2016

Text: Psalm 121:1 – 8          Memory verse: Psalm 121 verse 5

In the new covenant, there are so many provisions for us in the area of providence, protection, guidance, favour, grace, etc. Some of the provisions in the new covenant which all sincere Christians carry about as tag include a decree ‘Out of Bound’, ‘Touch not my Anointed’ and ‘Do my prophet no harm’. This is one of the good aspects carried over from the old covenant. God who made this statement is ever faithful and can do whatsoever He says. As God is faithful to His word, it holds therefore that the best thing we can do for ourselves is to key into the conditions of this promise.

This Psalm says God is All-powerful (Psalm 121:7a) and watches over us (Psalm 121:7a, 8 – compare Matthew 19:26 & Psalm 41:2). The true and sincere Christians have the Almighty God as their friend and keeper. Not only is He their friend and keeper, He is ever present to help them in trouble, support them in temptation, guide them through perplexity, and defend them from all attacks of the enemies. Why should you be afraid, O child of God? If you have the knowledge that God is your friend and keeper, you should always be fearless and bold because He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.

Brethren, it is the will of God to protect us and keep us for His glory and eternity. For this reason, He announced His redemption plan for humanity immediately after the fall of man. If He was not willing to protect us, He would have left us at the mercy of the devil. The story of the Israelis from Abraham till they settled in the Promised Land should encourage us

When God grants us His protection, we are safe in the midst of the greatest dangers. This special protection is not same as the general protection He gives all people. This is a covenanted protection. Have you entered into the new covenant? If not, do so now. See Mk 16:17, 18 & Psalm 34:15. Our God does not fail.

Food for Thought: Are you under God’s decree – Touch not my anointed?

Prayer: Lord, may I remain under your cover and protection in Jesus name.

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