(Excerpt of my message on 1st October, 2015)

TEXT: 2 KINGS 7:1 – 10
PREAMBLE/INTRODUCTION: Happy Independence and happy month of October to you all in Jesus name. Today is our 55th Independence anniversary. We thank God for what He has done for us as a nation. It is my prayer that the spirit of freedom we have received in our independence will help us grow from strength to strength in Jesus name.
We all desire a country that is peaceful, united, a country with good government, good roads, potable drinking water, good housing, high standard of living, good and qualitative health care, etc.
Who amongst us care to ask why has these things eluded us in the past 55 years? Some of us believe that we have a faulty foundation; some are of the opinion that we are cursed as a nation. Some blame it on our founding fathers, etc.
We make laws in this country but hardly keep any. The result of these laws is that it has opened our eyes to more evil.
The societies we envy today, how did they come to that level of development? They made self sacrifices, commitments to their nationhood, dedication, etc. They upheld justice and equity.
In our text is the story of 4 leprous men at the city gate. They eat by begging. Unfortunately, there was famine and no one has food to spare. They wanted food seriously and decided that waiting for people to give them will amount to death before their time and thus they decided to fend for themselves. The steps they took resulted to their deliverance and that of the city. They desired food and went for it.
If Nigeria as a nation will become what we desire her to be, we must act out that which we desire.
Do you have the desire for a corrupt free Nigeria? Then don’t be corrupt.
Do you desire clean environment? Then tidy your environment and don’t liter places
Do you desire good, dedicated and competent civil service? Then be dutiful and dedicated to your civil or public service work
Do you desire good military? Then show commitment in your duty.
Do you desire to have politicians who are just and godly? Then don’t join them in rigging elections.
Do you desire to have genuine Christians in Nigeria? Then become one in your corner.
The list is endless.
As a nation, we thank God that we are still intact but we are too fragile and can break up because we are too divided along religion and ethnicity. This is so because our present and past leaders didn’t uphold justice and equity in their governance.
However, despite all these differences and problems confronting us, as Christians, we have the duty to build bridges and not walls, and to pray for the unity of this nation, Nigeria.
On personal terms, what are the changes you desire in your life, your career and family? Be that change. Act on it and the change will come. Don’t wait for manna to fall from heaven.
We have wrong notion about believe it and claim it. Most of us will rise up, raise our hands and shout Amen to prophecies. That will be the end. When God called Abraham, he believed God and went as instructed. Isaac did same and God blessed him until he became prosperous that the Philistines started envying him. The Apostles believed and stayed put in Jerusalem.
CONCLUSION: What are the changes you need in your life, career and family in this new month and what can you do about it? What are the changes you want to see in your spiritual life in this new month or do you just want to remain stagnant? Think about it.
Let us pray.

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