REPROACH TO NATIONS: Devotion for Saturday October 1, 2016

REPROACH TO NATIONS: Devotion for Saturday October 1, 2016

Text: Ezekiel 22:1 – 16      Memory verse: Ezekiel 22 verse 4  

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Happy independent celebrations to Nigeria and Nigerians! Today is the 56th Independence Anniversary of Nigerian nation. We congratulate Nigerians as they celebrate this day.

Here in our text for the day, Jerusalem is called a bloody city because of her crimes. This chapter of Ezekiel explains why Jerusalem’s judgment would come (Ezekiel 22:2–16), how it would come (Ezekiel 22:17–22), and who would be affected by it (Ezekiel 22:23–31). The sins which Jerusalem stands charged with are exceedingly sinful – murder, idolatry, disobedience to parents, oppression and extortion, profanation of the Sabbath and holy things, seventh commandment sins, lewdness and adultery.

What would have led a nation adopted by a holy, righteous and pure God into this level of sin, crime and evil? Not being mindful of God led them into this wickedness. They took the mercies and grace of God for granted and thus due to their complacency and lukewarmness, they started compromising which took them into these evil they were charged of here.

Sinners provoke God by forgetting Him. When they do not take His ordinances to heart, they can do anything they like. When they also see the worship of God as ceremonies without spiritual attachment to it, their worship will not have any impact on them. Jerusalem has filled the measure of her sins. Family Bible Notes says about Ezekiel 22:4 that, “When we see a community giving itself up to the practice of iniquity of every kind without restraint, we may be certain, from the sure testimony of God, that its days of punishment are near. The position of Family Bible Notes here can well be said of our present generation where all manner of evil are seen on daily basis.

The sins charged against Jerusalem, are similar to what we see in Nigeria today – murder, oppression and extortion, adultery, etc. The spate of Fulani herdsmen killings, abduction and kidnapping, Boko Haram, budget padding, corruption, etc are all pointers to the assertion that our present day Nigeria is similar to what Ezekiel saw in Jerusalem at the time he was prophesying. Just like Jerusalem became a reproach to nations around her so our country, Nigeria has become a reproach to nations around her.

As Family Bible Notes posited above, we are expecting God’s judgment upon this country for we have turned against God in so many ways. In fact we have started reaping the fruit of our evil, greed, corruption, hatred, in ability to forgive ourselves, etc with the current economic recession and poor leadership we have experienced in Nigeria since independence.

Think of the number of churches in our country. What are the effects of these churches in our nation? Are the perpetrators of these crimes not found in our churches? We should be prepared for the day of the Lord. How prepared are you for God’s judgment because it will certainly come? Don’t think you can escape it unless you repent. Nigeria needs a Solemn Assembly which should be led by our leader. Until we sincerely and truly repent, we cannot escape the wrath of God that will be revealed to avenge the blood of innocent souls spilled in this country.

Food for Thought: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people – Proverbs 14:34.

Prayer: Lord God, heal our country and her people that we will no longer be reproach unto nations in Jesus name.

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