WHEN GOD IS ANGRY: Devotion for Sunday October 2, 2016

WHEN GOD IS ANGRY: Devotion for Sunday October 2, 2016

Text: Ezekiel 22:17 – 22       Memory verse: Ezekiel 22 verse 21

Our bible reading for the day is a continuation from where we stopped yesterday. In this our text for today, the prophet compared Israel with other nations, as the gold and silver are compared with baser metals. The prophet describes them as the refuse that is consumed in the furnace, or thrown away when the silver is refined. What a comparison and assessment! This result ought not to be associated with people who have the Almighty God as their God.

This is very unfortunate when compared with the glory they have enjoyed when they were in good terms with God. Then nations were afraid of them. What happened to Israeli nation is also same with anyone who has tasted the mercies of God and later fall out of faith. In God’s assessment and account, they were seen as useless and good for nothing. In the furnace, the dross shall be fully separated, and the good metal purified. That is the essence of the furnace.

When God brings His own people into the furnace, He sits by them as the refiner by his gold, to see that they are not continued there any longer than necessary. This is how God treats us. We know the case of Job. God didn’t allow him to stay longer than necessary when he had proved that his sickness and troubles of life shouldn’t make him to curse God as Satan anticipated. I have personally had such experience.

Therefore, it is expedient we take to heart this warning from Matthew Henry Concise Commentary. In his opinion, those who suffer pains, or lingering sickness, and find that their hearts can scarcely bear these light and momentary afflictions, take warning to flee from the wrath to come; for if these trials are not sanctified by the power of the Holy Spirit, to the cleansing their hearts and hands from sin, far worse things will come upon them. God’s anger can consume us in a twinkle of an eye and the only way to avoid it is to amend our ways. We should escape it by repenting of our sins and turning back to Him. Are you willing to do it today?

Food for Thought: Nahum 1:6

Prayer: My God and my Father, give me a truthful heart to love and obey you because it is a fearful thing to fall into your hands in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

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