OUR ALL-SATISFYING PORTION: Devotion for Tuesday October 11, 2016

OUR ALL-SATISFYING PORTION: Devotion for Tuesday October 11, 2016

Text: Psalm 16:1 – 7        Memory verse: Psalm 16 verse 6

Of what use will it be to God after blessing you to see those blessings being taken away from you either by devil or by his agents? God’s intent is never to bless us and we lose them to the devil. His intent is never to add any sorrow to the blessings He gives to us. No wonder the bible was clear and emphatic about this very truth that God’s blessings don’t add any sorrow to us (Proverbs 10:22). This should be a source of hope and courage in our work with God as we expect His provisions for our daily needs.

When God is your portion and inheritance, He shields, shelters, provides and protects you. God as our portion offers us all we need or desire depending on His will for us and those things that will benefit us even as John Wesley asserts. In his expression, he rejoices in God as his portion, and desires no better, no other felicity. This is purely a true understanding of God we serve and all He can do for us. About our protection, Jesus testified in John 10:28 and John 17:12.

The Lord’s portion as used in Psalm 16:5 according to Family Bible Notes are, “Those whom He set apart especially for Himself, treated as His peculiar treasure, and from whom He might rightfully expect special revenue of glory.” This is what God expects from us always. Are you one of His portions? Remember that He didn’t call us without endowing us.

We should understand the whole of Psalm 16:6 not literally saying of David’s earthly heritage in the land of Canaan, but figuratively of God Himself, as his All-Satisfying portion. This made his lot secured. Having God as his portion, guaranteed and secured his lot. Such secured lot can become yours if you give your life to Jesus accepting Him as your Lord and Saviour. He does not abandon whatever is entrusted to Him. Entrust yourself to God and believe in Him. He will keep you safe and satisfy you with the best portion from His lot. The choice is all yours now – take it or leave it.

Food for Thought: Is God your All–satisfying portion?

Prayer: Help me, O Lord my God, to depend on you as my portion and lot now and forever in Jesus name. Amen.

2 thoughts on “OUR ALL-SATISFYING PORTION: Devotion for Tuesday October 11, 2016

  1. Enjoyed reading through your short devotion here tabugbo! I wrote a blog on a similar theme called Jesus: Really Satisfies. Think you’d enjoy reading 🙂 have a good one!


    1. Thanks Jonathan for your compliments. I will check your blog for it.
      God bless you

      Liked by 1 person

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