Topic: GOD OF EQUITY                     

Text: Numbers 13:1 – 20        Memory verse: Numbers 13 verse 2  

One of the greatest problems confronting us in our nation Nigeria is the issue of justice and equity. This problem is not similar to Nigeria alone. From what I read, United States of America adopted Electoral College as part of the process in choosing a President to ensure equity. God who called the nation Israel knew that equity is one way to ensure peace and progress. Thus in our scriptural reading, he ensured all the tribes were represented among the spies that went to search out the Promised Land.

The command to go and search out the Promised Land was not God’s original plan. He would have had the people go immediately forward under His all- sufficient guidance (Deuteronomy 1:20, 21) but when the people proposed first to search the land, God was pleased to permit the plan, and to give directions respecting the manner of executing it (Deuteronomy 1:22–23). Moses decided to get valuable information before the people could enter the Promised Land (Numbers 13:17 – 20), and he took careful steps to get that information. God, being God of equity instructed that there should be equity in choosing the spies. When you are making decisions or assuming new responsibilities, remember these two important steps. Ask yourself what you need to know about the opportunity, and then obtain that knowledge. Common sense is a valuable aid in accomplishing God’s purposes.

From the instruction God gave, it show His fair dealing with us. He didn’t allow only few tribes to do the spying no matter their population. Every tribe was represented to ensure equity and fairness, and also balance judgment. This is the way He deals with all of us as Christians. He doesn’t favour some people because of their creed or race. This is a challenging example for our leaders in Nigeria with her peculiar nature of diverse tribes. There should not be any room to deny people their rights just because they are few in number. As leaders in various capacities; be it in the church, in government, in organizations, etc, we should not be selective in dealing with people rather we should maintain a fair playing ground for everyone to participate to avoid accusation that their rights are denied.

Food for Thought: God’s standard has remained same for every Christian no matter your creed or race.

Prayer: God, your standard remains the same for every believer. Grant me the grace to live by it and not to assume you will lower your standard in anyway.

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