Text: Numbers 13:21 – 25                Memory verse: Numbers 13 verse 23

When the Almighty God says something, there is no reason to doubt Him. When Jesus spoke to His disciples about heaven during His earthly ministry, some may have doubted as some still doubt the reality of heaven and hell but when He took John the beloved and showed him what he recorded in the book Revelation, the doubts disappeared. God gave the approval to spy out the Promised Land as we read yesterday so that all their doubts about what He told them will end.

The Twelve Spies went quite through the land, from Zin in the south, to Rehob, near Hamath, in the north (Numbers 13:21) and saw the land as God described it. Probably they did not go altogether as a body because it would have created suspicion and they would have been in more danger and taken up if the Canaanites knew how near the Israelites were to them; but they may have divided themselves into several companies, and so passed unsuspected, as way-faring men. That would have been the wisdom the spies applied.

They took particular notice of Hebron (Numbers 13:22) probably because there, was the field of Machpelah, where the patriarchs were buried (Genesis 23:2) whose dead bodies did, as it were, keep possession of that land for their posterity. They saw the sons of Anak there; where they should have received the greatest encouragements but there they met with the greatest discouragements just because of giants (Anak).

Satan has ways of discouraging us. Where God has kept blessings for us, he will go and plant what will discourage us. That these men saw the Promised Land as God told them through Moses should have encouraged them. Many of us are easily discouraged by what we see or hear despite all the promises of God for us in the bible. Many of us have enjoyed the goodness and mercies of God severally but it have not changed our mentality about God’s grace, providence and protective arm. Having enjoyed the mercies of God, we shouldn’t be downcast when sickness, trials, temptations and problems of life comes our way.

Food for Thought: God is ever faithful to His word. He doesn’t change. Therefore do not have any reason to doubt.

Prayer: Almighty God, grant me the eyes of faith to see things the way you see them in Jesus name. Amen.

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