Text: Galatians 6:5 – 8                         

Sowing and reaping is part of our life; physically and spiritually. We sow through the words of our mouth (our speech/utterance), through what we give and through what we plant. For us to actually benefit from our world and be useful to one another, we need to sow. Sowing is a way of maximizing our gifts and talents. It holds therefore, that we sow seeds, directly and indirectly. Again, it is also a natural law that whatever one sows, he reaps (Galatians 6:7).

Another interesting fact about the consequences of sowing is that we are known by the fruit we bear (Matthew 7:16 & 20). What you sow as seed is what you will definitely get in returns. The life we live is like seed sowing. Some people sow to the flesh, the devil and the world while some others sow to the Spirit. Jesus taught us that where our treasure is there would our heart be also (Matthew 6:21).

Apostle Paul says in our text that flesh yields nothing but corruption. When you sow into the flesh, you will end up reaping greed, selfishness, etc. Its end effect would be destruction because such person can’t please God. His message here is very important for us in this present generation filled with greed and covetousness. How can someone sow to the flesh? See 1 Corinthians 10:6; compare Numbers 11:4 & 34. The flesh, lusts after material/worldly things (Genesis 3:6 & 1 John 2:16). Are these things manifesting in your life? Repent, before it will be too late. Remember what happened to people like Esau, Samson, Judas, etc.

We can sow to the spirit through self-denial (Matthew 10:24) and commitment to the advancement of God’s kingdom with the wealth God has bestowed on us. Can you mention other ways we can sow to the Spirit? Those who want to acquire heaven and earth without investing their wealth for the well-being of others are sowing to the flesh. There are benefits in pleasing God; obeying God and not our flesh. When we please God with our deeds, we are sowing seeds that we will certainly reap in righteousness.

Food for Thought: Sowing in the flesh is carnal indulgence that will end in moral ruin.

Memory verse: Galatians 6 verse 8

Prayer: God, grant me the enabling grace to sow in the spirit and not in the flesh so I will harvest eternal life in Jesus name. Amen.

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