Text: Proverbs 20 verse 7

In our devotion for yesterday, we saw that God spelt out the terms and conditions of the covenant He made with us even before we of the present day generation, were born. We also saw that walking under these terms and conditions brings blessings and walking against them leads to curses. When we walk according to the will of God, there are rewards for us. God rewards us according to our deeds (Roman 2:6) be it good or bad deeds.

Here in our scriptural reading for the day is also a promise that God will reward our integrity. Integrity means the ‘quality of being honest and upright in character.’ This is one quality see among early Christians. Unfortunately, integrity and honesty is lacking in our present day churches. If this is not so, why all the evil, corruption, frame up and lies that are rampant in our society? However, when anyone singles himself out and stand out, God will surely reward such person.

Can you mention and write down the names of up to three men/women of integrity that lived in your neighbourhood – dead or alive? What can you say about their children today? Can you see the reward of God upon their families? Is there any truth about God’s word manifesting there? Now can you also list three men/women who were not upright in our neighbourhood too? What is the condition of their children today? Can we say that these words of our text are true or false? Any Christian without integrity is a disgrace to his family, the Church, God Almighty and the world. Regrettably, there are many in society today who lack integrity and our generation are hailing them as achievers.

Before writing this devotion, I read online how members of United Methodist Church in Lagos drove their Pastor away because he impregnated his house maid and sent his wife packing. A pastor will kill, tell lies to extort money from people and commit all manner of evil, how much more ordinary members of his Church. Think of traders, civil servants, teachers, students, bus conductors and their drivers, car/motorcycle owner and their operators, can we find integrity among them? The list is endless. We have the testimony of Paul in 2 Corinthians 1:12 which is a challenge for us; the present day Christians. What does the society know you for; a fraudster, cheat or honest man/woman? Joseph is an example of man of integrity. If you remain upright and honest, God will reward you and your posterity.

Food for Thought: “To be honest as this world goes is to be one man picked out of a thousand”-Shakespeare.

Memory verse: Proverbs 20 verse 7

Prayer: God, grant me the grace to walk in integrity and I bind every spirit of dishonesty in my life in Jesus name.

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