Devotion for Wednesday December 14, 2016

Topic: FOR YOU SAID                       

Text: Genesis 32:9 – 12         

The promises of God in the scriptures should inspire us to hold on to Him in prayer in order to claim those promises. They are aimed at challenging us to keep to the conditions of the promises while holding on to God for their fulfilment. Jacob remembered the promise God made to him in Genesis 28:13–15, which included his safety and return to the land of promise. As he was going back to his people, he remembered how he supplanted his brother Esau and was afraid. Faced with uncertainties of what might befall him as he goes to meet him, he then went to God to remind Him of the promise He made to him. With the promise, he encouraged himself in the Lord as David did (1 Samuel 30:6). He knew that despite his weaknesses, God is still able to perfect all that concerns him (Psalm 138:8).

You should know the promises God made to you because they are all there in the bible in your hand. In Luke 18:1ff, Jesus taught us the importance of persistence in prayer. When you discover what God said about that your problem, it will spur you into prayer. This is a way to develop faith.  God is not moved by our tears, complain or grumbling, rather by our faith in His word. Faith in the word of God should be your guiding principle as you approach the throne of grace (Hebrews 11:6). Go to God in prayer to and remind Him about His promises. He will not refuse you for it is His will to bless you always.

Food for Thought: Our faith moves God and not our tears or complaints.

Memory verse: Genesis 32 verse 12

Prayer: God, remember the promises (mention them) you made to me and fulfil them in Jesus name.

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