Devotion for Monday December 26, 2016

Topic: NO MORE SHAME            

Text: Isaiah 54:1 – 5           

This portion of Isaiah’s prophecy is on the increase of the church through the conversion of the Jews and Gentiles. To be childless is a woman’s great shame and disgrace. Families depend on children for survival, especially when the parents became elderly. Here, God said that Israel (Jerusalem) was unfruitful, like a childless woman, but God would permit her to have many children and change her mourning into singing. This is one thing that the birth of Jesus brought about. God allowed His people to go through this period of unfruitfulness, mockery and shame because of their sin. However, in His compassion and mercy, He is promising them a glorious future devoid of shame and mockery.

Have you been abandoned because of sin by friends and loved ones? Is your past life now haunting you that you have become an object of ridicule because you are unfruitful? Return to God (Hos. 14:1) now, for He is the only one that removes shame. Not only will He remove the shame but He will wipe away the scars on you. Your miracle will spring forth (Isa. 54:2; 2 Kings 4:1–7). That glorious future is now, the dispensation of God’s grace through Christ. He has redeemed us from all the curses that hitherto have brought us shame. This is the period for fruitfulness, which will remove shame. Step into it.

Food for Thought: When God arises for us, nobody remembers our shame.

Memory verse: Isaiah 54 verse 4

Prayer: Arise, O Lord, and wipe out all shame I have suffered in Jesus name.

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