Devotion for Tuesday December 27, 2016

Topic: A CALL TO LIBERATE                                     

Text: Judges 6:11 – 24                          

God called Gideon to liberate Israel from the hands of Medianites with a promise in Judges 6:16, “I will be with you.” Regardless of all those promises, Gideon still had excuses to give, why he shouldn’t carry out the assignment from God. This is how many of us give excuses on why we cannot go for evangelism or preach to that woman or man; why we cannot take up one responsibility or another in the church of God. God has given us the mandate to liberate sinners from the kingdom of darkness (Matthew 28:19, 20) but many of us have not taken this command seriously. Do you give excuse when your Pastor calls for evangelism? Have a change of heart and attitude.

When Gideon finally went, what followed? Find out in chapter Judges 7:9ff. Our call as Christians is to liberate sinners (Acts 1:8). God has done all things necessary for salvation of man. All that is expected of us is to go and preach. The rest is for God to perform; the conversion and salvation of the person. We are called by God to be witnesses and through that liberate those under the captivity of sin and Satan. Do you have the excuse that your neighbour will never repent that is why you will not preach to him? Do you warn people with love in your heart or you do so that God might not ask of their blood in your hands? Always pray for sinners (Luke 10:2) and you will have the zeal to preach to them.

Food for Thought: Ezekiel 33: 7 – 9

Memory verse: Judges 6 verse 14

Prayer: God, create in my heart a passion and concern for sinners.

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