Jesus Is Ever Willing To Heal Us


Devotion for Tuesday January 10, 2017          

Topic: Jesus Is Ever Willing To Heal Us

Text: Matthew 8:1 – 4              

Those to whom Christ has made Himself known, will always desire to know Him more. This was the case in Matthew 8:1. The multitude having been impressed with the teachings of Jesus Christ as we have in the previous chapter, followed Him. This is usually the effect of truth when we come to appreciate it, no wonder the bible says that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free (See John 8:32). Do you desire to know God the more? Please maximize every opportunity offered in your church to know God and know Him well.

In the multitude following and pressing on Jesus was a leper who appealed to Jesus for healing. What prompted this leper to make such request bearing in mind that they were usually isolated? How come he was in the crowd? Could it be that he has heard about Jesus and decided to go against all odds and protocols to get His attention? Is there any lesson for us in terms of persistence? As Christians, we should persist in what we are asking from God and certainly, He will hear and answer us.

This leper knew the potentials of healing in Jesus. That knowledge led to his statement in Matthew 8:2 and Jesus proved to him that He is more than willing to heal him by touching him which is against the Law of Moses.

Beloved, Jesus is more than willing to heal, deliver, protect, guard, guide and save us. He is ready to come into our lives and dwell there. No wonder His words in Revelation 2:20. Are you ready to yield yourself to Him? Are you ready to accept Him today into your life? Remember that He knows our problems and burdens. He is ever willing to help us out. Go to Him today for those things you desire to get from Him. Don’t be deterred or mind what people may say; be persistent, resist oppositions and go to Jesus. They may call you names for following Jesus; for being born again, etc. Let the promise of eternal life keep you following. He will touch you at the point of your needs.

Food for Thought: At the touch of Jesus all impurity flees.

Memory verse: Matthew 8 verse 3

Prayer: Touch me, my Lord and my God that all impurity in my life will be cleansed in Jesus name. Amen.

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