Devotion for Tuesday January 17, 2017

Topic: Call Me Mara

Text: Ruth 1:19 – 22  

Naomi had experienced severe hardships. She had left Israel married and secure; she returned widowed and poor. Naomi changed her name to express the bitterness and pain she felt. She was now a woman of a sorrowful spirit. She had come home empty, poor, a widow and childless. This might be the reason for the reaction of people in 1:19. In response, she opted to answer Mara – bitterness. Naomi was not rejecting God by openly expressing her pain. However, she seems to have lost sight of the tremendous resources she had in her relationship with Ruth and with God.

Most of us face bitter and severe hardship like Naomi did. Some of us have lost all we worked for to fire overnight, some have lost their benefactors, and some have had chains of sicknesses as if they will never end. These notwithstanding, when we face bitter times, God welcomes our honest prayers, but we should be careful not to overlook the love, strength, and resources that He provides in our present relationships. Again, we shouldn’t allow bitterness and disappointment to blind us to new opportunities He gives to us.

Food for Thought: In every disappointment there are opportunities.

Memory verse: Ruth 1 v 19

Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace I need in times of hardship and disappointments never to be blinded to opportunities you will provide.

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