Why Take Note Of Me?


Devotion for Friday January 20, 2017

Topic: Why Take Note Of Me?

Text: Ruth 2:10           

Ruth clearly overwhelmed by the gesture of kindness she had received from Boaz who do not know her before now, prostrated before Boaz and asks why he is being so kind to her, a foreigner (Ruth2:10). In the real sense, Ruth never expected such kindness, not too early because that was their first meeting and again she is a foreigner who ordinarily could have been rebuffed but it was not so.

Falling on her face was expression of reverence and gratitude common in Israel. Ruth’s life exhibited admirable qualities: She was hardworking, loving, kind, faithful, and brave. These qualities gained for her a good reputation, but only because she displayed them consistently in all areas of her life. Wherever Ruth went or whatever she did, her character remained the same. Your reputation is formed by the people who watch over you at work, in town, at home, in church. A good reputation comes by consistently living out the qualities you believe in, no matter what group of people or surroundings you are in.

Again, we should not give bad impression to visitors we meet because we don’t know what the future holds. If Boaz and Ruth didn’t treat themselves well, the events that unfolded wouldn’t have gone smoothly. Come to think of it, if Ruth had proved stubborn or Boaz maltreated her, what would have happened when Naomi suggested to Ruth what to do to gain inheritance in Israel? Treat everyone you meet well because you don’t know what tomorrow holds for you.

Food for Thought: Proverbs 3:3, 4

Memory verse: Ruth 2 verse 10

Prayer: Heavenly Father; may your favour and that of men follow me wherever I go in Jesus name.

3 thoughts on “Why Take Note Of Me?

  1. Tabugbo, thank you for this devotion. It’s so important that we are real to the world and that we are consistent in our behavior , thought life , and speech. That’s why it’s so important to abide in Christ, so that we keep our heart in tune with the Father and live each day the way that He wants us to live. When we are carnal are minds change or revert back to our old selfish ways of thinking…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I am indeed blessed to have you here.


      1. Indeed it is good. Please read and comment on my blogs. I appreciate feedback. Thank you


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