Be Of Good Cheer


Devotion for Thursday January 26, 2017

Topic: Be Of Good Cheer

Text: Matthew 14:22 – 27     

Have you ever wondered why some of the initiatives, plans and promises of God are hindered by Satan’s attacks? It is because Satan and his agents do not want us to enjoy the promises of God. This is the reason some people can’t grow as Christians; they move one step and fall two steps backward.

In our text is the story of how Jesus asked the disciples to move ahead of Him. They obeyed and went on. Satan thought that the absence of Jesus on the boat will be a good opportunity to attack. Unfortunately, he greatly made a mistake. When the disciples felt the threat of the wave, Jesus immediately appeared for them saying, “Be of good cheer.”

There are great lessons for us here.

1) When God instructs us to move on, we should obey because He is always there with us (Matt 28:20).

2) When we are threatened and in despair, we should always remember His words in Jn. 16:33.

3). God doesn’t abandon us to threats of the enemies especially when we are doing His will or command.

4) Jesus knows our needs and He is able to meet us at the point of our need. When the disciples felt threatened, Jesus knew and came to their rescue. Yours will not be different.

As you go out today, be of good cheer because He is already working in your favour to protect you from attacks of the enemies and to provide for you.

Food for Thought: Hearing the voice of Christ saying “It is I,” is a sufficient support in all afflictions of life.

Memory verse: Matthew 14 verse 27 – But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Take heart; it is I. Do not be afraid.”

Prayer: My Lord and my God, speak your word to me in all the afflictions I am going through in Jesus name.

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