God, Our Stronghold In The Days Of Trouble


Devotion for Friday February 10, 2017              

Topic: God, Our Stronghold In The Days Of Trouble 

Text: Nahum 1:2 – 8

Life is full of mysteries, challenges and uncertainties. Sometimes, these things bring fear, anxiety, worries and desperation. Though they bring these things mentioned above to us, they are the things that make life worth living because in most cases they bring out the best in us. However, when such mysteries, challenges and uncertainties come up, some people will start running to anchor somewhere. Where people run to or anchor depends on their knowledge and understanding. To those who know their God, they will anchor on Him in their time of troubles.

Here in our text, Nahum assures his people (The Israelites) of safety in God under the impending attack by Sennacherib saying that God is a stronghold in the day of trouble. This saying of Nahum is true and worthy of full acceptance. God being a stronghold here means that God alone is the one that can save them from the hands of Sennacherib.

Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8); none who puts his or her trust in Him will be disappointed. As there are many challenges confronting us, we should understand that our God is our stronghold against all challenges of life (Ps. 18:2). Zech. 9:12 urge us to return to our stronghold. As you cling to our stronghold and believe His word, He will guide you rightly and perfect all that concerns you.

The challenge facing you may be the need for healing, freedom from prison, securing a good job, getting a good spouse, house rent, school fees, threats of kidnappers, etc. Remember, He never failed those who make Him their stronghold. He will always keep safe, all entrusted to Him because He knows His own (2 Tim 2: 19) except you are not His own. As you go out today, trust God who is our stronghold for your protection, safety and blessings in your endeavours.

Food for Thought: Times of trouble should challenge us to run into our stronghold for therein we have protection.

Memory verse: Nahum 1 verse 8 – But with an overflowing flood he will make a complete end of the adversaries, and will pursue his enemies into darkness.


  • Heavenly Father, help me to rely on you whenever I am faced with trouble in Jesus name.
  • Lord God, as I anchor on you in the days of trouble, answer me in Jesus name. Amen.


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