God Blessed Him


Devotion for Sunday February 19, 2017        

Topic: God Blessed Him

Text: Genesis 32:29 – 30

Welcome to another new day and new week. Yesterday we saw how Jacob prevailed and was blessed with a new name after an encounter with the angel of God. Today we shall see more of the blessings he received from God in after that encounter.

We observed that after the encounter, Jacob asked the angel his name. The name of God you know determines the blessing you enjoy from Him. The blessing of God is connected to His name. In your walk with God, has He revealed his name to you? He did it to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Saul, etc. Knowing God by His name is a great way of improving our faith and confidence in Him. To know him the more, you should always read His word and listen to messages, and testimonies of what He has done.

Jacob’s request to know the name of the person he wrestled with was denied that he might not be too elated with his conquest. Again, it was denied so he will not think that he had obtained such advantage over the angel as to make him (the angel) do what he wanted. However, God still blessed him as he requested for. See how wonderfully God condescends to countenance and crown importunate prayer! Those that resolve to trust in God even when He slays them will at length be more than conquerors. This was the resolve of Jacob to keep trusting God when his hip went out of position. Don’t let the ‘displacement’ in your health, your marriage, career, etc; affect your grip on God for a blessing.

Do you desire for a blessing from God? Then don’t border asking for His name, just trust Him for the blessings and they will certainly come. All you have heard and read about Him is enough to increase your faith and confidence in Him. His deeds correspond with His name – Counsellor, Mighty, Healer, Provider, Everlasting, Peace and wonderful Isaiah 9:6. Believe in Him to receive your own blessings today.

Food for Thought: Judges 13:17 – 18

Memory verse: Genesis 32 verse 29 – Then Jacob asked, saying, “Tell me your name, I pray.” And He said, “Why is it that you ask about my name?” And he blessed him there (NKJV).

Prayer: Blessed me, O Lord and turn me into a blessing in Jesus name. Amen.



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