Place of Choristers in Worship


Devotion for Wednesday February 22, 2017

Topic: Place of Choristers in Worship

Text: 1 Chronicles 16:4 – 7

David brought the Ark of Covenant into Jerusalem because he knew what the presence of God can do. God’s presence assures us of victory, protection and guidance. He used the occasion to show how much he cares about God by making sacrifices as we saw yesterday and by appointing choristers to sing before the Ark.

As soon as the Ark was deposited in its tent, the Levites, who were to officiate in the choir before it, entered into their duties. A select number of the musicians were chosen for the service from the list (15:19-21) of those who had taken a prominent part in the recent procession. The same arrangement was to be observed in their duties, now that the Ark again was stationary.

Two lessons are here for us – the importance of praise in our relationship with God and importance of choristers in our worship. Praise and thanksgiving should be a regular part of our routine, not reserved only for celebrations. We should praise God for His love, mercies, and provision for us, his grace and faithfulness daily.

Again, our text reveals the place of Choristers in worship. They have a place in the position where the Ark of Covenant is. Thus they should always consecrate themselves as they come into the presence of God. They shouldn’t come into the presence of God defiled. The best way to express our gratitude to God’s love and faithfulness is to thank and praise Him always. Learn to do it always.

Food for Thought: The only occupation in heaven is praising God and you can only learn it here on earth.

Memory verse: 1 Chronicles 16 verse 4

Prayer: Teach me to praise you, O Lord my God, as a way of appreciating your love and faithfulness upon my life.

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