Knowing God’s Will


Devotion for Sunday February 26, 2017

Topic: Knowing God’s Will

Text: Psalm 51:1 – 6

The author of this psalm is King David as generally accepted. Commentators and analysts say he wrote it after Nathan the prophet had come to rebuke him for his crime and evil against the family of Uriah (2 Samuel 12:1ff). This assertion that David wrote it after Nathan had visited him has the backing from the fact that the psalm is a prayer of repentance and with David as the author; it must be the case involving Bathsheba and Uriah.

One of the things that endeared David to God is his honesty and love for God. What God demands from us is not merely outward virtue, but inward purity. What this implies is that God demands reality, sincerity, true holiness and heart fidelity. He doesn’t care for our pretence of purity; he looks to the mind, heart, and soul (1 Chronicles 28:9).

What David posited here is that it takes a repentant heart to know the will of God. He was of the opinion that our dealing with God should be more of the heart, mind and soul. It should not be that of physical alone but more of spiritual as God is a spirit (John 4:24). To him, it is only when our minds are pure and sincere that God can come in to instruct and grant us the wisdom needed to live well. Have you actually repented? If not, you can never know the will and your actions will always be contrary to what pleases God.

It takes God’s act to cleanse our hearts to make them pure (see Ezek. 11:19; 36:26). Sin is contrary to God’s will but when our hearts are clean and pure, we will begin to live according to the will of God. How pure is your heart? Do you desire to know God’s will for you? Then allow God to remove the impure and corrupt heart and to give you the heart of flesh. You should also learn how to guard your heart diligently to ward off impure thoughts. Your ability to moderate your thought will help you to live well for God.

Food for Thought: Ezekiel 36:25 – 27

Memory verse: Psalm 51 verse 6 – Behold, you desire truth in the inward parts, and in the hidden parts you will make me know wisdom (NKJV).

Prayer: Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me in Jesus name. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Knowing God’s Will

  1. Thank you for allowing yourself to be an instrument or a voice for God. I’m in constant need of the Holy Spirit to change my heart to make it pure. Today in our world sin is so prevalent. Without the power of Holy Spirit we cannot overcome it. We must abide in Him every single day. He must increase and we must decrease.

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    1. Shawn, thank you so much for your comment and observation. Any Christian who wants to please God will definitely need the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ had assured us that when we ask for the Holy Spirit, God will oblige us. I believe that God who knows the intent of our hearts will oblige you this request and make you live for Him in this our sinful world. God bless you and have a great week.


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