Thought For The Week – Have Good Relationship With People

Thought For The Week – Have Good Relationship With People

People all over the world want to be loved; they want someone who will listen to them and talk with them. This is one of the reasons there are so many people in the church and other places where they can interact and share with others. It was Rebecca West who said that “There was a definite process by which one made people into friends, and it involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time.” This means that those of us who offer goods and services have a great job to woo people into our businesses by giving out time to talk with them and listening to their complaints.

In creating and having a good relationship with people, you need to go the extra mile in wooing them to your side through encouraging words; through good moral and character, through money and material things. The essence of this is not for immediate gain but for future and long term fulfilment. However, you should choose your friends for their character; for goodness, for truth and trustworthiness, because some people could take advantage of your goodwill and abuse it. In choosing friends, we should bear in mind that there are relationships for the sake of business and there are relationships for the sake of finding fulfilment in life.

In the opinion of Madame de Tencin, we should “Never refuse any advance of friendship, for if nine out of ten bring you nothing, one alone may repay you.” Having good relationship with people has these advantages:

  • It gives a wide range of opportunities to us – networking, more business opportunities, more customers, more members (churches), more income, etc
  • It brings us goodwill from people
  • It exposes us to the wider world
  • It gives us an opportunity of mentoring people or being mentored.
  • It helps to actualize our dreams.

As you go out this week, ensure you affect people through your friendship with them. Don’t always wait to receive; give to people and affect them through your character and good morals. Try to show love to someone and you will never regret it.

Have a lovely week

(Culled from the book I will be presenting on my birthday – My Rise To Legendary Status)



Your Brother and Friend,

Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma

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