Don’t Give Up Until It Is Over


Devotion for Wednesday March 1, 2017

Topic: Don’t Give Up Until It Is Over

Text: Job 14:14

I watched a penalty shoot-out between two football teams. The last player in team B, came kicked the ball and it hit at the cross bar, went up and fell inside the 18 yards box. The boy who played the penalty held his head mourning. The goalkeeper of the team A left the post; ran to his teammates and they were rejoicing. The referee kept calm watching the ball as it was bouncing and rolling inside and 18yards box.

After about a minute, the ball rolled into the net and the referee blew his whistle to the astonishment of both teams. The boy that played the ball had thought it was over and the keeper also thought it was over but they were all surprised because it was not over.

Job was prophetic when he said he will wait till change will come. Though he had lost all, he was still hopeful for a change. He was full of assurance that God will restore him and God did at the end (Job 42:10 – 12).

Many people have lost opportunities to mount the rostrum for recognition because they gave up at the time they would have been recognised. Some abandoned their studies because they thought they can’t make it; some their businesses, craft, calling, etc. It is not over with you. Therefore don’t give up. We have heard stories of women giving birth for the first time at over fifty years. Why give up trial and believing God for your own child? Why give up in that third attempt to secure admission into the university? As you keep on believing God in this new month, I assure you of your breakthrough in this new month. Happy New Month!

Food for Thought: Don’t give up now. You are closer to success, fulfilment and recognition. Just take the next step or make another effort.

Memory verse: Job 14 verse 14

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