An Encouragement For Us


Devotion for Friday March 3, 2017 

Topic: An Encouragement For Us

Text: John 16:33

Jesus summarizes His teaching with an encouragement to His disciples by saying that they will enjoy peace through their union with Him because He would overcome the world by rising from the dead. The world and Satan are opposed to God and will definitely give Christians many trials and sorrows. But Jesus has defeated Satan, won the victory, and overcome the world. Jesus asserts that in the world His disciples will have problem but He also gave a remedy to the world’s problem which He says is peace in Him; the serenity of mind, a quiet and calm spirit within. This is the proffered solution to the troubles of the world. Jesus tied together themes from 14:27-29, 16:1-4, and 16:9-11.

With the words in John 16:33, He told His disciples to take courage because despite the inevitable resistance they would face, He would be with them. As the Father did not leave Him alone, so He will not abandon us to our struggles either. Christ’s blood has purchased peace for us.

Many of us are currently facing diverse challenges which include sickness, imprisonment, marital problems, hunger, challenges from people of different faiths, etc. This was predicted long before now. All we can do is to have the assurance Jesus gave us in our text behind our minds. He will not forsake you. Allow the inner peace which comes from knowing that He is always there for us, fill your heart. That was what sustained me while I battled for life. God will do it for you too.

Food for Thought: I John 5:4

Memory verse: John 16 verse 33b

Prayer: Lord God, let your words of encouragement cheer me up in time of difficulties of life.

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