Our Social Responsibilities


Devotion for Sunday March 5, 2017

Topic: Our Social Responsibilities

Text: Exodus 23:4 – 7a

Before writing this devotion, I read a post on Facebook where a young man berated Nigerian Pastors. My comment was that he shouldn’t have generalized what he said about Nigerian Pastors in terms of social responsibilities, whose emphasis is always on giving, seed sowing and prosperity messages, even neglecting the main message of Christianity which is on salvation.

I had to make an opinion poll thus: Is Religion the problem of this country, Yes or No. People who believe that religion is our problem were greater in number. The application of sentiments, bitterness, resentment, deceit in our religion is the major problem facing us not religion itself. If religion is a problem, why are people in Ghana and other countries living peaceful despite their practice of Islam and Christianity? In our present day, people no longer see a spade and call it a spade. Truth is far away from us.

We (Christians) have social responsibilities towards one another. We depend on one another to live well. The responsibilities include taking care of the animal that belongs to your enemies, never to abuse and oppress the poor and strangers, and never to take bribe. Unfortunately, these things are common among Christians. Who care to rebuke a neighbour’s child these days? Some civil servants deliberately hide people’s files and only bring them out when the person had parted with money. What God requires from us and our greatest obligation is love for one another. It entails being our brothers’ keeper. How much do you love people you meet on daily basis? Do you faithfully perform your responsibilities towards them? Think about this.

Food for Thought: Are you your brother’s keeper?

Memory verse: Exodus 23 verse 5

Prayer: God, help me to love my neighbours as myself in words and deed.

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