Wednesday March 8, 2017

Topic: If Only I Can Touch

Text: Matthew 9:20 – 22

As Jesus Christ left with Jairus, His disciples and the multitude followed Him and right there in the crowd pressing on Him was a desperate person in need of healing. This woman who had suffered haemorrhage for twelve years was desperately in need of healing as the bleeding she suffered was painful. She had been to many doctors, had spent all her money, but had received no cure (Mk. 5:26).

The bleeding caused the woman to be in a constant condition of ceremonial uncleanness (Lev. 15:25-33) which had denied her worship in the synagogue. It also barred her from having normal social relationships, for under Jewish law, anyone who touched her also became unclean. Thus, she had been treated as a leper.

When Jesus came her way she thought in her heart that if only she had the opportunity of just touching the helm of Jesus’ garment, she would be healed. Not minding restrictions place on someone with such sickness, she worked her way through the crowd and came up behind Jesus. She may have feared that Jesus would not touch her if He knew her condition, that Jesus would not risk becoming unclean in order to heal her. She may have feared the crowd would be angry with her if they know about her condition, had touched her and become unclean unknowingly. The woman knew she could receive healing but she did it unobtrusively as possible.

Beloved, if only you can touch His garment today, you will certainly be made whole.

Food for Thought: What could be the restrictions to your salvation, healing or blessings from God?

Prayer: Lord, help me to overcome restrictions that hinder my healing, salvation and blessings in Jesus name

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