Make Room For Jesus


Devotion for Thursday March 9, 2017

Topic: Make Room For Jesus

Text: Matthew 9:23 – 26      

When Jesus arrived at Jairus’ house, a noisy crowd was there and probably funeral music was playing. But Jesus told them to make room because the girl was only sleeping. He spoke words of encouragement. The girl was indeed dead, and everyone from the family to the mourners knew it. Jesus knew it too, but His words were to test their faith. Unfortunately, they didn’t believe Jesus hence the ridicule (Matthew 9:24).

Make room here as Jesus used it was telling the mourners and flute players that their services are no longer needed and that they should retire. It may also be interpreted to mean remove everything that would be a hindrance or stumbling block to the restoration of the girl back to life. Jesus had to put them away because their faith is not enough for the work at hand.

Beloved, if we want God’s intervention in our predicaments and problems of life, we should make room for Jesus to operate. Making room as required of us here may be in the area of our faith, righteous living, obedience, support for His work, etc. Jesus needs the room to operate. He needs our full obedience and compliance.

It was after the crowd had been put aside that Jesus restored the girl back to life. Until we put aside our faithlessness, disobedience, ignorance, etc, God will not work in our favour. What are the things you need to put aside to make room for Jesus to heal, bless, save or deliver you? Think about it. Have a great day.

Food for Thought: Jesus works in our favour when we make room for Him.

Memory verse: Matthew 9 verse 24 – He said, “Go away, for the girl is not dead but sleeping.” And they laughed at him

Prayer: Help me to put aside, O Lord all that whatever will be a hindrance to your working in my favour now and always in Jesus name.

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