The News About The Death Of Prince James Uche Made Today A Sad Day For Me

The News About The Death Of Prince James Uche Made Today A Sad Day For Me

Whenever I read or hear about the death of someone as a result of kidney failure, it hurts and makes me sad. Today, I read about the death of Nollywood actor, James Uche. It made me somber, and I have remained indoors since morning. This is how they would have reported about my death in 2003 but God gave me unprecedented grace that has kept me alive till death. When I hear about the death of someone who died as a result of Kidney failure, I have reasons to mourn because it could have been me after passing the road two times.

The news posted on and culled from Daily Sun Newspaper has it thus: “WE THE CAMPAIGN TEAM; CHIOMA OKOYE, RITA EDOCHIE, EMEKA OJUKWU (TORINO), EJIRO OKURAME (SAVEPRINCEJAMESUCHECAMPAIGNTEAM). We regret to be the bearers of this sad news, but our COLLEAGUE, father, husband [PRINCE JAMES UCHE) passed on Wednesday following complications from diabetes blindness, HBP, kidney. He has been experiencing fever, strange blood infection, and strange blisters on his legs for the past three days after he secured his Visa before he passed on today Wednesday March 8th in the Ambulance on his way for Dialysis at 2:15pm. He was meant to travel this Saturday March 11th to India for his surgery… We sincerely want to thank everyone who donated to save this great man…we shall keep you all posted…, Actress Ejiro Okurame wrote.”

Despite the effort made by these people, the man died. His death would have been prevented because the blindness was caused by diabetes and all other things mentioned above are preventable through healthy lifestyle. If he had known his status on time, it wouldn’t have deteriorated to this level of death. My sincere prayer is that his soul will rest in peace. Amen.

It is proper to stated here that kidney disease can be cured if noticed on time but when it has failed, it has no permanent cure. Dialysis and transplant are mere treatment. As I am writing this, I am still living on drugs after 13 years of transplant. The best way to avoid kidney disease which can come from so many risk factors like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea, fatty liver, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, various cancers, mental disorders, and poor quality of life is to live a healthy lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t cost money. It is affordable both by the rich as well as the poor. Therefore begin to live a healthy lifestyle from today.

Secondly, when I hear that people are looking for about N10m (Ten Million Naira), it amazes me because I know that someone can confidently do a transplant with about N6m (Six Million Naira) or even less. But most people demand for so much because they need money to pay their donor. You don’t have to pay for donor. Every human being can live a total and complete life with one kidney. In fact the extra kidney in our body is just a support. You can live without it. PLEASE DON’T SELL OR BUY KIDNEYS. GIVE IT FREELY TO YOUR LOVED ONES WHO MAY NEED THEM AND YOU WILL LIVE A HAPPY AND FULFILLED LIFE.

Another way to avoid kidney disease and eventually kidney failure is to KNOW YOUR STATUS ON TIME. It doesn’t cost much to know your status. Just ask your doctor to prescribe kidney function test for you. When you know your status on time, it will help you to live well and treat it when it is at the early stage. You should note that kidney failure doesn’t show any sign until it gets to the fourth and last stage which is called End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). When it gets to this fourth stage, it becomes irredeemable. You will then need dialysis and transplantation to live. Unfortunately, dialysis and transplantation are very expensive. Therefore, KNOW YOUR KIDNEY STATUS NOW before you will start crying had I known. Live healthy and save your tears.

Lastly, I want you to know that having passed through this road twice and with my present experience within the past 13 years, I have become a semi-consultant. This morning, someone called me to make inquiry about heart operation in India. I gave her the best advice she can’t even get from some doctors in Nigeria. IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEM ABOUT KIDNEY OR ANY OF YOUR RELATION HAS KIDNEY PROBLEM, CONTACT ME. YOU CAN EASILY ASSESS ME ON FACEBOOK – Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma. I will give you medical treatment options or if you are not comfortable asking from me, you can contact me and I will direct you to my people in India where you will pay less than what people quote here and you will still get quality service. Save someone today by making contact.

Kidney disease doesn’t have permanent cure but you can treat it and live long with a healthy lifestyle. If you are still in doubt and have any question, contact me on Facebook and we will chat on LETS TALK ABOUT OUR KIDNEY.

To all those that have died as a result of kidney diseases and failure, may you all find rest in the bosom of the Lord. Rest in peace Prince James Uche!

Tabugbo Morgan Uzoma

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