The Widow Of Zarephath


Devotion for Monday March 20, 2017

Topic: The Widow Of Zarephath

Text: 1 Kings 17:8 – 16

In mid-2016, I read in one of the Nigerian National dailies how a woman used her child as a surety to get food for her family in Osun State Nigeria because of hunger. In August 2016, I also read how a pregnant woman stole N300:00 (less than a dollar) to eat. She didn’t deny when arrested. These and many more are effects of hunger on Nigerians as at the time of writing especially the one caused by famine.

That makes it worse as was this case in Israel in time of this woman of Zarephath. Her faith in this time of crises was exemplary and worthy of emulation. This woman and Jezebel, wife of Ahab are from the same territory. She was not a Jewess. Zarephath is a Phoenician seaport on the Mediterranean between Tyre and Sidon, usually subject to Tyre. How come she had faith in God of Israel to believe Elijah? Is there any lesson for us about those who are not of the same faith with you?

How could this woman easily believe the words of Elijah as she was not an Israelite? Probably, she had heard so much about Elijah and the God of Israel. Or she had become a secret worshipper of God of Israel. Beloved, you might have heard so much about God or you might have read so much about Him in the scriptures. Do you believe His words or you still have doubts in His ability to heal, deliver and save you?

This woman gave up what she termed her last meal before death to a total stranger. She acted like the widow who gave a mite. That was an uncommon faith. Her faith is a challenge for us. How many of us are willing to give out from our best or last food, clothes, car, etc? Most of us give out the over used clothes, remnant of our food, etc. We should learn to give the best. This woman was rewarded for such a faith. You will receive a far more if you learn to give your best.

Action: As you go out today, ensure that you give your best in words and deed to those who need them.

Memory verse: 1 King 17 verse 15

Prayer: God, grant me the kind of faith in that woman of Zarephath in Jesus name. Amen.

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