Wavering In Faith?


Devotion for Tuesday March 21, 2017

Topic: Wavering In Faith?

Text: 1 Kings 17:17 – 24

Affliction, pain, problem and sickness, want, etc, can make us behave funny and abnormal. John the Baptist introduced Jesus as the Christ (Messiah) but when he was imprisoned, he sent message to ask if Jesus was indeed the Messiah. One would wonder why sudden doubt? This is one effect of a backslidden life or one who had not actually repented. Another reason for such doubt maybe the result of knowing God just because of miracle you have received and not because you have a relationship with Him.

This latter reason may be the cause of this woman of Zarephath’s action against Elijah in our scriptural reading for the day. She received a miracle when she had not developed a relationship with God. However, one would have expected that with such a miracle received, she would have known God the more. This woman’s action is one way sinners react. They see the presence of true Christians as the cause of their problem instead of repenting and using such opportunity to develop a relationship with God.

On daily basis we receive one form of miracle or another from God. These miracles especially waking up everyday should challenge us to develop a relationship with God. Again, we shouldn’t start wavering in faith because of one problem when we have previously been blessed with a miracle. The miracle should challenge us to draw closer to God in our time of troubles, problems, affliction, sickness and pain. These problems of life shouldn’t despair us.

Food for Thought: Cynicism and fear freezes life; faith thaws it out. Release your life and set it free with faith.

Memory verse: 1 King 17 verse 18

Prayer: Lord God, increase faith in me so as to set me free from wavering in Jesus name.

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