Obey God Rather Than Men


Devotion for Saturday March 25, 2017

Topic: Obey God Rather Than Men

Text: Acts 4:19 – 22     

One of the commands the disciples received from Christ at His ascension was to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8). The death and resurrection of Christ convinced them about the truth of the gospel which they should testify to people. As the council demanded that they should stop preaching in the name of Jesus, Peter and John did not waste time in rejecting any such ban on speaking in the name of Jesus, saying it is better to obey God rather than men.

What the response of the apostles means is that the members of the council are at odd with the will of God which is to obey Him rather than men. Thus they asked the council members to judge whether they should obey the council’s orders or God’s. Being with Jesus had actually transformed their lives because they lived with Him; witnessed His resurrection and experienced the filling of the Holy Spirit. These had tremendous effect on them so they asserted that they cannot stop speaking about the things they have seen and heard. The response from the disciple was act of courage which can only come from someone filled with the Holy Spirit.

There are times we face such challenges. We may be tempted to yield to such challenge but here is an example for us to follow. Do not give in to such challenges because He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world. We should choose to obey God no matter what the threat will be. God was with the Apostles and He will be with you if you stand for Him. Obeying Him will bring blessings and peace rather than obeying men.

Action: As you go out today, be determined to obey and please God in all things rather than men.

Memory verse: Acts 4 verse 19

Prayer: Lord God, help me to obey and please you instead of men in Jesus name. Amen.

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