Don’t Be Intimidated


Devotion for Monday March 27, 2017

Topic: Don’t Be Intimidated

Text: Acts 4:23 – 31          

Sometimes we may exercise boldness and courage over issues but when we leave there, people may talk fear into us and discourage us. When Peter and John got back to the other disciples, they narrated what happened at the council. These disciples didn’t exercise any fear too. Rather they joined hands to pray for more utterance and boldness to preach the gospel. They never asked God to silence their enemies. They didn’t pray for their death neither did they ask God for protection against their threat and persecution. All they were after was how to preach the gospel. Is there any lesson for us in the reaction of the other Apostles and their prayers?

Their prayer was centred on the will of God to get the gospel to the uttermost part of the earth as their master charged them. The direction of their prayer and what they asked for are very important which we should take note of. Observe how they prayed. There was unity and they were of one mind (Acts 4:24). Nobody had ulterior motive. First, they praised God; then they told God their specific problem and asked for His help. They did not ask God to remove the problem but to help them deal with it.

This is a model for us to follow when we pray. Those who query God about problems should understand that they can overcome problems and that will strengthen their faiths. God may choose to remove our problems, when we ask but we must recognize that often He will leave a problem but give us the strength and courage to deal with it.

Food for Thought: Psalm 2:1 – 4

Memory verse: Acts 4 verse 24

Prayer: Lord, grant that I will not be intimidated by threats of the enemies of the gospel in Jesus name. Amen

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