Price of Godliness (Persecution)


Devotion for Wednesday March 29, 2017

Topic: Price of Godliness (Persecution)

 Text: 2 Timothy 3:10 – 12                    

Godliness has so many price tags which we shall be looking at from now till next week.  In this letter, Paul charges Timothy that if he wanted to live godly in Christ; he must make up his mind to encounter persecution. He asserts that total obedience to God and a life lived for Christ will be persecuted. What Paul meant here is that instead of Timothy thinking of persecution as a stumbling block, he should consider it the portion of the godly which is meant to prepare them for the heavenly glory. He urged Timothy to follow after his way of life, noting how he suffered persecution (2 Timothy 3:10, 11). Paul’s statement in 2 Timothy 3:12 was to intimate Timothy that persecution is a process all those who choose godliness will certainly pass through.

Beloved, if you desire to live godly life you should not be surprised when people misunderstand, criticize, and even try to hurt you because of what you believed and how you live your Christian life. They can go extra mile to stop you from serving God or silence you by sending you into the prison. Don’t give up even when they set you up. Continue to live as you know you should. God is the only one you need to please. This should be your aim; to please God always. Remember that there is a reward for you if you will remain steadfast and immovable in your faith and walk with God.

Food for Thought: It is better to incur the world’s hatred by speaking against its wickedness than gain its goodwill by going down the stream with it – Henry (PowerBible CD).

Memory verse: 2 Timothy 3 verse 12

Prayer: Lord, grant me the courage to stand for the truth even in the face of persecution in Jesus name.


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