Price of Godliness (Suffering)


Devotion for Sunday April 2, 2017

Topic: Price of Godliness (Suffering)

Text: 1 Peter 2:18 – 25

As Christians, we may suffer for many reasons. Some suffering is the direct result of our own sins; some happens because of our foolishness; and some are the result of living in a fallen world. Another reason for suffering may be as a result of our willingness to live godly lives. Peter wrote here about suffering that comes as a result of doing good.

Jesus Christ never sinned, and yet He suffered so that we could be set free. He suffered because He allowed the will of God to take precedence. Peter had learned about suffering from Jesus. He knew that Jesus’ suffering was part of God’s plan intended to save us (Matthew 16:21–23; Luke 24:25–27, 44–47). He also knew that all who follow Jesus must be prepared to suffer (Mark 8:34–35). He learnt these truths from Jesus and passed them on to us.

In 1992, Christian Education Movement organised a crusade in Issele Uku for towns Aniocha North. As we were going from the crusade ground inside a lorry, a teenager threw a big stone into the lorry. As the stone was coming to land on a 6 months old baby, a brother saw it, blocked it, and redirected it, and it landed on my face. I had a cut above my eye and on my nose. We went back to Ajulu Clinic where the cut was stitched. This is one way we suffer to preach the gospel.

Missionaries trekked long distances, suffered attacks and rejections before the gospel came to us. Following Christ’s example to live for others may lead to suffering. We shouldn’t avoid it rather we should with patience, calmness, and confidence pass through it knowing that God is in control of our future.

Food for Thought: 1 Peter 4:14 – 16

Memory verse: 1 Peter 2 verse 19

Prayer: Lord God, grant me the grace to endure suffering as I live for you.

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