Price Of Godliness (Delayed Conception)


Devotion for Thursday April 6, 2017

Topic: Price Of Godliness (Delayed Conception) 

Text: Luke 1:5 – 7

In Genesis 29:31, bible recorded that when God saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb but Rachael was barren. What was the wrong of Rachael? Was she the one who desired to be loved? Is it a crime to be beautiful and lovely? God actually wanted to show that He had a hand in the marriage of Leah too and should not be unloved.

Our bible reading stated that Zachariah and Elizabeth were righteous before God but Elizabeth was barren. Moreover they were well advanced in age. This story shows that God does not consider our righteousness in making us fruitful in terms of becoming pregnant otherwise; prostitutes would never have become pregnant. Another lesson from this story of this couple is that when God wants to give people a special child, He delays the conception of the woman. No wonder God blessed them with the greatest man to ever live on this earth outside Jesus Christ.

Remember the case of Hannah too. As a priest, Zachariah loved the wife and they lived righteously. If he had opted for extra marital affair, he would have gotten a child at earlier stage of his life. He didn’t do that because he had the fear of God.

There are many women who are yet to conceive after over 15 years of marriage. Some of them obeyed God and refuse to have pre-marital affair before wedding. The price they are paying for honouring God is delayed conception which could be the handiwork of the devil to make people promiscuous. The case of Elizabeth, Hannah, Rachael, etc should encourage you. God is not asleep and there is nothing impossible with Him. Keep believing in Him and He will honour you with children that are exceptionally brilliant, anointed and godly. Your patience will not be in vain.

Food for Thought: Should delayed conception be the reason to break oath of fidelity or engage in pre-marital sexual relationship?

Memory verse: Luke 1 verse 7

Prayer: Almighty God, help me to remain faithful no matter the consequences of the price I will have to pay.

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