Have Faith In God


Devotion for Tuesday (Holy Week) April 11, 2017

Topic: Have Faith In God 

Text: Mark 11:20 – 26

The next morning, Tuesday of the Holy week, Jesus and His disciples passed by the same fig tree they had passed the previous day (Mark 11:13-14). Jesus had cursed the tree, saying that no one would ever eat from it. By the next day, in the morning light, they could see that the tree had withered. The sight of the withered fig tree was a surprise to the disciples and Peter was quick to point that to Jesus. In response, Jesus charged them to have faith in God.

The response of Jesus could be interpreted to mean the coming judgment on spiritual laxity in Israel and they could only be safe if they had faith in God. Their faith should not rest in a kingdom they hoped Jesus would set up, in obeying the Jewish laws, or in their position as Jesus’ disciples. Their faith should rest in God alone. Jesus then taught them a lesson about answers to prayer. He explained that they could ask anything of God and receive an answer. Jesus’ point was that in their petitions to God they must believe and not doubt (not wavering in their confidence in God).

The kind of prayer Jesus meant was the prayer that the disciples would need to endlessly pray as they faced mountains of opposition to their gospel message in the years to come. Such prayer for the advancement of God’s Kingdom would always be answered positively at God’s own time. Daily, we are faced with challenges that seem mountainous. We should have unwavering confidence in God if we hope to overcome them.

Food for Thought: Do you have the confidence in God and strong faith which is able to accomplish things that are most difficult?

Memory verse: Mark 11 verse 22

Prayer: Grant me the confidence in you, O God, so I can accomplish difficult things with ease.

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