Who Will Roll Away The Stone?


Devotion for Easter Sunday April 16, 2017

Topic: Who Will Roll Away The Stone?

Text: Mark 16:1 – 8

Yesterday we saw how the Chief priest and Pharisees obtained permission and secured the tomb of Jesus in a bid to stopping Him from resurrecting. Our bible reading confirms that the tomb was indeed secured. These women came to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His dead body as was the custom. On their way they remembered that the tomb had been secured with a big stone which they cannot pull away. God, whose plan overrules that of man had pulled away the stone and the anointing they were planning couldn’t hold because Jesus was not in the tomb again. Sometimes when we meet with opposition as we plan to honour God, we shouldn’t be discouraged because He will certainly remove all obstacles on the way. God removed the stone to teach us that when He purposes, nothing whatsoever can stop His purpose from fulfilling.

Today, we are celebrating the effects of that stone which God rolled away. One of them is the resurrection of Christ. His resurrection brought hope for us that all our problem of sin, sickness, lack, etc have been rolled away and new things are beginning to manifest for us in Jesus name. You may have been wondering who will roll away that your problem. Never mind, the God you serve, in His infinite mercies will roll them away. As the women went back with joy that Jesus had resurrected, so you will from this day sing songs of joy and victory of what God will resurrect in your life, family, business, marriage, etc. Happy Easter!

Food for Thought: What would been our Christian faith, if Christ did not resurrect from the dead?

Memory verse: Mark 16 verse 3

Prayer: Lord God, thank you for resurrecting Jesus Christ from the dead which has brought us hopes of victory over death and certainty of eternal life. Amen.

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