Two By Two Evangelism


Devotion for Tuesday April 25, 2017

Topic: Two By Two Evangelism

Text: Luke 10:1

As Jesus was concluding His earthly ministry, He had the burden to reach more places. As He couldn’t reach all the places He wanted to visit within the stipulated time, He opted to send some of His disciples on mission to places He intended to visit.  Perhaps that will help to get the gospel to so many places. Of all the synoptic gospels only Luke recorded the fact that Jesus sent seventy disciples on this mission in addition to the one he sent twelve apostles. Their mission was evidently temporary in nature, unlike that of the Twelve.

These disciples sent on this mission were not unique in their qualifications. They were not better educated; not more capable, or of higher status than other followers of Jesus. The only thing that qualified them for this mission was that they had been equipped with Jesus’ power and their vision to reach all the people. Having followed Jesus for over a year, there had been tremendous influence on their lives by the ministry of Jesus. Thus they were easily chosen.

Many of us have been with Jesus for over 3 years which was the lifespan of His earthly ministry. We have received calls so many times to go on evangelism. How many of us have yielded to those calls. Jesus had set an example for us. Churches should emulate two by two evangelism. Having been with Jesus for some time now, you should be winning souls by now.  It is important to dedicate our skills to God’s Kingdom, but we must also be equipped with His power and have a clear vision of what He wants us to do.

Action: As you go out today, ensure you share the gospel with someone.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 1

Prayer: God grant me the spirit to always evangelise in Jesus name.

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