Requirements For Evangelism


Devotion for Friday April 28, 2017

Topic: Requirements For Evangelism

Text: Luke 10:3 – 7     

The instructions given to these seventy disciples are basically the same as those given to the twelve in Lk. 9:3 – 4. The reason was the same. He expected them to travel light, spend no time preparing for the trip, and depend upon Him and those to whom they ministered to, to meet their basic need which is food and probably shelter. Their mission is an urgent one which will not permit them to stop and spend time is exchanging pleasantries with people on their way. By this, Jesus didn’t mean that they should be impolite to people whom they passed on the road, but rather that they were not to waste their precious time by the wayside.

They had to remain focused on their task and mission. Jesus was sending his disciples out “as lambs among wolves.” This demands extra precautions because they will surely meet with opposition. This should cause them to depend on God for wisdom on how best to tackle oppositions. We the present day Christians are also like lambs among wolves. When we go on evangelism, we are usually attacked verbally and physically. I was once injured by a stone thrown at us on a mission. Therefore we should be alert, and remember to face your enemies, not with aggression but with love and gentleness. A dangerous mission requires sincere commitment. This advice in terms of requirements should arm us on what we should do or expect when we go on evangelism.

Food for Thought: How do you respond to oppositions when you go out to preach the gospel?

Memory verse: Luke 10 verse 4

Prayer: God, help me to be alert and cautious as I preach the gospel to others in Jesus name.

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