The Gospel Mandate


Devotion for Saturday April 29, 2017

Topic: The Gospel Mandate

Text: Luke 10:8 – 11

Evangelism has its mandate. Jesus who commissioned the Apostles, disciples and we the present day Christians gave us a mandate on what we should do. We are not just to go out for sake of going out. The first instruction was that we should value our welcome to any home by staying there and accepting whatever is offered to us. In the mandate Jesus stated that we should preach, healing the sick and telling them that the kingdom of God is at hand. We should shake off the dust on our feet against places where we are not welcomed.

The healing of the sick, casting out demons, etc are signs that the kingdom of God is near (see Luke 10:11; 21:31). This nearness of the kingdom has two interpretations; already here and soon to come. The kingdom Jesus established was not aimed at overthrowing any government. Rather, it was a kingdom that began in people’s hearts and was as near as people’s heart who are willing to make Jesus king over their lives.

In Matt. 24:14, Jesus asserted that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the world as a witness to nations before the end will come. How are you carrying out this mandate to preach the gospel? Are you among those who are calling on Jesus to come back for the saint militants when you are not willing to preach the gospel to souls dying without Christ? It is time to wake up to our call and mandate to preach the gospel because God will obviously demand their souls in our hands.

Action: As you go out today, ensure you exercise your mandate today.

Memory verse: Luke 10 verses 8 and 9

Prayer: Lord God, grant me utterance I go out to preach the gospel.

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